Step One – A Dash of Light
Wrap lights around your tree from top to bottom making sure to keep them evenly spaced.  I recommend using lights with green wiring so they blend into your tree.  I also prefer extra sparkle so I space my lights close to each other for the extra twinkle.

Step Two – Arrange with Care
Start with your largest ornaments and disperse them around your tree.  Then I like to add the medium size ornaments followed by the smallest ones last.  The smaller ornaments usually work best on the end of the branches.

Large ornament

Step Three – Add garland
Add garland or ribbon cascading down your tree to help break up your tree.  Also don’t forget about every 3-4 feet to weave the garland into the branches to give it that extra special touch.

Step Four – Flower Time
Add holiday flowers or berries to your tree.  My mom always did this and it will make your tree so beautiful.  A little goes a long way and I find for a 7 foot tree you might only need 5-7 pieces of floral but it will seem like so much more. Also, if you like the wow factor concentrate most of the flowers to the top half of the tree.


Step Five – Make it special
Save your most special ornaments to the very last so you can hang them in focal points on the tree.  They will stand out and be conversation pieces to your friends and family who come to visit during the holidays.


Step Six – Top the Tree
Find your special tree topper, angels or stars are traditional but I love to take some of stems and stick them out of the top.  Or even a nicely tied bow will finish the tree.


Final Step

And the final step, and my favorite is to turn all the other lights off in the room and enjoy a really nice glass of wine with the tree lit and reflect on all you have to be thankful this year.


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