When I bought Motifs I did not have a single piece of Pandora.  In all honesty, I thought I might drop the brand because I just did not know enough about Pandora.  No worries, I am not dropping the brand. I am going to share with you two of my Pandora bracelet stories.

The first bracelet that I started has the traditional barrel clasp.  I like my bracelets to be symmetrical but you can design them in any way that makes you happy. So far this bracelet is being done in red, black and silver which are my favorite colors.  This past spring Pandora released a lady bug and I could not wait to get this little bug on my bracelet. On my wedding day a little lady bug landed on my dress while we were taking pictures, at that time all I knew about the lady bug was that they were a symbol of good luck, which I loved having that land on me.  Pandora states that the ladybug is linked not only to good luck but is a symbol of protection, and said to bring your true love to you.  Perfect lucky charm to have on my bracelet.  Every time I look at it I think of my wedding day and of my amazing husband.


You will never be able to see the little lady bug crawling on my dress but this is the picture we took at the moment it was on me.

In the middle of my bracelet I have the Pandora charm for Love and Guidance, which is an angel wing with a small gold heart.  Personally the angel wing represents to me faith, strength, and grace, all things I try to hold myself to.


My Pandora Bracelet

And then there is my baseball charm.  This one also I hold very dear, before I bought Motifs I was the general manager of the Great Falls Voyagers, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.  I worked my tail off to get and hold that position, out of 160 teams there were only 4 female general managers.  I am proud of the work I did and baseball will always hold a special place in my heart.

Voyagers Baseball

This is the night we won the Pioneer League Championship, and I am with my Grandpa shortly before he passed away

Now I am a layering girl so I have a second Pandora bracelet that I like to wear.  My second bracelet I made with my daughter, Marias, in mind.  It has an M in the middle for her and then I used pink and white charms.   The pink charms on this bracelet are roses, which I have always loved the rose and  I think of love when I see a rose. Along with love, when creating this bracelet I thought of sweetness, and innocence. I just recently placed it on our new bangle that has engraved on it, Always in My Heart, which my daughter is always in my heart.


My Marias Pandora Bracelet.

Both bracelets have room for me to continue to add components, so in no way am I done with either one.  You can always bring in your Pandora bracelet and we can help you stylize it, or share your Pandora story with me and maybe I will share it on our blog.


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Kattie Meyer has been the owner of Motifs for the Home since May 2014. She was born and raised in Great Falls and has always dreamed of owning a business downtown. Motifs was started in 1997 and Kattie hopes to evolve the store while giving it her own personal touches, but to not lose the roots of the business. At the end of each blog post you will see "Tink! Tink!" which is what her and her husband do instead of cheers. As you shop in her store or read these blog posts, Kattie hopes you feel like part of her family.

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