I am working hard to teach my daughter the ABC’s, so this Thanksgiving I decided to take a moment to reflect on what I am thankful for, by saying my ABC’s…

Across the Hall. There is this amazing store across the hall from me called, The Blue Rose.  The owner, Tracy Perry, is my friend, mentor, and partner in crime.  So glad I have her to bounce all my crazy ideas off and to help each other when we have a bad day.  She is Amazeballs and you should all shop at her store too.


Brothers.  I have two amazing brothers that I truly love and adore.  They may be a little crazy when it comes to hunting but I am so thankful they are mine.


Cousins.  I have a lot of cousins, and I am so blessed to call each of those crazy cousins mine.  When you get all 23 of us together, wowza we are fun. And I don’t recommend messing with one of us because the rest of us will attack.


Daughter. Marias is a sweet, adventurous, loving, vibrant little girl that brings me more joy than I even knew possible.  I am sure lucky that God choose me to be her mama..


Employees.  One of the hardest things about owning your own store can be finding good trustworthy employees.  Corinne has been with me for over a year now, I have my mother-in-law Mary that helps me out, and then Tiffany and Katie started in August.  I am so blessed to have all these beautiful women working to make my dream a reality.  I have the best employees!


Friends.  Those special individuals that cheer you on and listen to you when you need a shoulder.  I treasure my friends and I am so grateful for them.


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Grandparents.  I have both my Grandmas still living and I love how much history and love just their eyes hold.  I never knew my Grandpa Tony but I grew up with the world’s greatest Grandpa Bob.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him, but I am who I am because of him.  If your grandparents are still living this Thanksgiving make sure to squeeze them just a little tighter.


Hot Sauce.  Hey, this is my list and it might seem funny but if you know me you know I like it spicy. Thank goodness for hot sauce!


In-laws.  From my sister-in-laws (Jana, Nicole, Amanda) to my brother-in-laws (Chris and Nathan) and then my in-laws (Mary and Gerry)  I love how each marriage in my family has brought more people into my life. So grateful for my family.


Joslin.  My little sister has been with me through it all, and she still talks to me.  Or she talks and I listen because she does enjoy talking and I am the listener.  She is the most beautiful person on the inside and out.


Kirk.  My husband, best friend and partner on this journey.  Talk about one lucky girl.


Lab.  My little dog Coulee is the best dog a girl who did not like dogs in the beginning could ever ask for.  She is such a lover and protector -she once chased away a Grizzly bear that was headed straight for my husband.


Motifs. I love this little store of mine, and the people it has brought into my life.  To come here every day is not work, but a dream.

Kattie Meyer, owner of Motifs downtown, Tuesday afternoon.

Nieces and Nephews. I must admit I have the cutest nieces and nephews, and they are also the smartest and sweetest.  I am lucky to be their auntie.


Orange juice.  Why I am thankful for orange juice?  It reminds me of drinking mimosas with my family on Mother’s Day.  Beautiful memories that I treasure.


Prayer.  Really what I am most thankful for is my faith, which offers me peace in this crazy world.


Quiet time.  I am a person that loves to be alone, it is my way of recharging.  I don’t get a lot of alone time with a 2 1/2 year old, but I sure do love it when I do.

Red.  I love the color red, it just makes me happy.  I use it all the time in decorating, I guess you can say it is my signature color.


Suzanne.  Suzanne usually goes by another name to me, Mom.  Oh man did I hit the jackpot with my Mom.  She has taught me pretty much everything I know and also is my biggest cheerleader when it comes to me owning Motifs.  I am sorry if you ever get stuck with her explaining everything she likes in the store, because I know she can go on for a long time.


Tom.  My Dad is the biggest smart A@# you will ever meet.  He is also is a hard worker, loves being with his kids and grandkids, and a fighter.  He has been fighting brain cancer for almost two years now.  I am so honored to call him my Dad.


University of Montana.  Go Grizzlies!


Vino. Because sometimes I just need a really good glass of wine.


Wine.  Did I mention that sometimes you just really need a good glass of wine to warm your soul and relax your mind?

Xtra special people.  There are a lot of xtra special people in my life that might not have received a shout out on this list.  I hope that you know who you are and that I love you.

You.  Thank you for taking the time to read my crazy thoughts and for supporting my little piece of the world.  You are awesome!

Zoos.  Sure I like cute little animals, and it is really tough to think of a word that I am thankful for that starts with z.

I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving and hope that you take a moment to think of all the things you are thankful for this holiday season.


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Kattie Meyer has been the owner of Motifs for the Home since May 2014. She was born and raised in Great Falls and has always dreamed of owning a business downtown. Motifs was started in 1997 and Kattie hopes to evolve the store while giving it her own personal touches, but to not lose the roots of the business. At the end of each blog post you will see "Tink! Tink!" which is what her and her husband do instead of cheers. As you shop in her store or read these blog posts, Kattie hopes you feel like part of her family.

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