I am so very honored and excited to introduce you to my guest blogger, Brianne Laurin.  Brianne and I have been friends forever, in forever I mean since the day I was born.  I am thrilled that she has found her happily-ever-after and can not wait to celebrate at their wedding in September.  I asked Brianne to give her honest opinion of her experience of registering at a big store and Motifs, and I hope you find her comments helpful on your own journey.  If you are getting married feel free at any time to contact me to discuss your registry, I am honored to help.

I was completely surprised when Eamonn proposed to me. We were walking a slushy rainstorm, crossing the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. In one soaking wet instant, everything changed! Immediately I started thinking of dates, locations, colors, dress, flowers, wedding party… basically everything EXCEPT my wedding registry.


Right after the proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge

I was moving from New York City to Augusta, Georgia, helping to prepare Eamonn for deployment. While he was set to be away, I decided I’d spend that time in Montana closer to family and to prepare for the wedding. In the days before he was set to leave, I started getting anxious about our registry because I wanted him to be a part of SOME of the planning and to have a say in our future “stuff.”

We decided to check out Macy’s registry. It took forever for someone to help us and then they basically gave us a scanner gun and a suggested list of items and sent us on our way. It was completely overwhelming – do we really need an $800 juicer to start our marriage off on the right foot?? It also didn’t help that Eamonn kept scanning things like Atlanta Falcons sweatshirts just to annoy me (when really it made me laugh but I couldn’t tell him that, it would just encourage him!). By the end of it, we both were getting hangry, in need of a beer, and left there with about 12 items on our registry of the suggested 150.


Spending some time in Mexico just before Eamonn deployed

Enter Motifs. Kattie and I have known each other our entire lives and have always been friends. So when she said she has started Bridal Registries at Motifs, I was thrilled! With only my previous experience, I kind of expected to walk in and casually add items to a list and be done with it. But Kattie is not one to fall on the casual side.

From the moment I entered with my mom and my sister in tow, we were treated like special guests – handing us a glass of champagne to celebrate! She had a delicious spread of charcuterie, fancy cheeses, wine – the whole works. We all sat down and Kattie explained the how she creates a beautiful display for our guests to actually see what our favorite items are. She also creates an online link to everything we choose to enable our out of town guests to also shop at Motifs. We then talked about our style and the kind of “look” our home will have. What colors do we like? Do we like traditional or modern? All of this time spent discussing with Kattie at the beginning helped her steer me in the right direction.

Then the real fun started! We walked through the store, which has so many beautiful pieces, and I started picking out my favorites! From unique lamps, classic vases, and Waterford glassware, to throw blankets and pillows, wine glasses, and wine bottle holders with the shape of Montana stamped into the side. I quickly began to envision a beautiful, inviting, comfortable home that I am so excited to create with my husband.

Canyon Throw #EandBri

Canyon throw that Brianne registered for

I also have the special privilege of working a day or two a week at Motifs and I get so excited when I see my classic white cake stand with a piping edge on display. Or how beautiful the teal and cream throw blanket looks draped over the sofa. Or thinking of the fun deviled egg recipes I’m going to create and display in my new egg platter!

Wing back chair

Wing back chair that Brianne registered for – and it is on sale right now!

As an aside, Motifs has also been a great place for me to shop for my bridesmaids and others who are a part of my wedding day. I just spent a weekend with 8 girls in Arizona (read: Bachelorette!) and brought each girl a small notebook with special messages on the front that I tailored to each one. I also bought my co-MOH a beautiful Stephanie Johnson

[bag] and a perfumed creme from Library of Flowers. All of them were so excited about their presents! There is even a top ten list of gift ideas for your bridesmaids that Kattie will share with you for inspiration.

In short, with all the other aspects of wedding planning adding stress and worry, Kattie makes the gift registry at Motifs a memorable and exciting experience. I highly recommend it to all those embarking on this next adventure they call marriage!!

P.S. She does baby registries too — so hopefully I’ll be back in a year or so to discuss that experience! 😉


Brianne and Eamonn I wish you guys a lifetime of love, laughter, and happily-ever-after!


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Kattie Meyer has been the owner of Motifs for the Home since May 2014. She was born and raised in Great Falls and has always dreamed of owning a business downtown. Motifs was started in 1997 and Kattie hopes to evolve the store while giving it her own personal touches, but to not lose the roots of the business. At the end of each blog post you will see "Tink! Tink!" which is what her and her husband do instead of cheers. As you shop in her store or read these blog posts, Kattie hopes you feel like part of her family.

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